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Thank you so very fucking much for making sure there are multiple talking 10-inch Iron Man action figures available, as well as Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and War Machine. But no Black Widow. There's only one goddamn female Avenger in the movie and you guys couldn't be bothered to make a 10-inch action figure of her.

Excuse me while I go give my money to Mattel. They put out a 10-inch Wonder Woman, and there isn't even a multimillion-dollar grossing movie out. There's not even a TV show on the air, since David E. Kelley couldn't get NBC to bite in 2011. Despite this, Mattel scraped together enough plastic to make a few damn toys anyway.

Also, I see there is a 10-inch Xena action figure available, and that show has been OFF THE AIR for years. The last time there was a new episode of Xena, I was in college. As an undergrad.

Hasbro, please remove your head from whatever dim orifice you have it shoved into. Take some notes. If Mattel and an obscure licensed provider of Xena toys can manage this, I'm sure you can find enough extra plastic lying around your factories to make one damn female Avenger figure in the same size as the male Avengers.

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