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Last night I put K. to bed. I saw that she had two sippy cups in her bed so I took the old one out with me, leaving her with her favorite (pink) one with fresh water and ice in it. About half a minute later I hear her wailing hysterically. I go back in and ask what is going on. She sobs, "You took away the green sippy cup, and that one had all my niceness in it!" I bring it back and give it to her and she says, "Oh, thank you! Now I have my niceness back!" And goes to sleep happily.

Wednesday night, I was giving the kids a bath. N. got upset about shampoo getting in his eye but then wouldn't let me wash it out. Then K. got upset about the possibility that shampoo might get in her eye. While she was crying and wiggling around over this, she apparently trespassed on N.'s side of the tub, so he tried to tell her to get off his side. But she couldn't hear him through her tears, so he started screaming because she wasn't listening to him. This all happened in less than 5 minutes. We pulled them out of the tub and sent them straight to bed; didn't seem to be anything else to do.
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During bathtime on Saturday, Nick started quoting a line from "The Avengers" when Thor has grabbed Loki out of the plane and they're arguing on a mountain. "You take the world that I love in recompense for some imagined slights." Except that he pronounced it wreckum-pants, and clearly thought it was hilarious. I felt sad to tell him that it's not really wreckum-pants, it's just a word meaning "in payment for". But he kept on thinking wreckum-pants was funny, so I'm glad that reality didn't ruin it for him.

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