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So, the Dreamworks "How to Train Your Dragon" live show... First, the almost-5-year-old loved it. He said so, when we asked him after the show. So there's that. The animatronic dragon puppets were amazing. So well articulated, with expressions and eye blinks and lifelike movements. The big projection screen behind the performers was interesting. I didn't like it at first, but it was really well used during the flying scenes. But overall, we adults were left feeling "meh."

I couldn't see the dragons well until the very end, when the actors were taking their bows and the lights were up -- such a shame, given how cool an invention they are. (We were in great seats, front and center.) The show was an almost scene-for-scene recreation of the movie, and it did not fare well by comparison, because they couldn't make most of the scenes nearly as cool. (Except for the first time Hiccup and Toothless go flying; I felt that was just as magical.) Each scene also had to be pared down, and to me the result was a rushed feeling, like when you're telling your kid a story but you really just want to get done so you can go to bed yourself. It completely failed to transport me; I never forgot I was in the Tacoma Dome, watching a performance.

I wish they had skipped the story and shown us 2 hours of animatronic dragons walking and flying.

It's not a show for a timid child, so I'm glad we left the 2-year-old at home. She would have been petrified by the loud noises and the blasts of flame around the stage.

Worth it? Probably. Like I said, the preschooler loved it. But given the high price of tickets, I would only send one adult with him, if there were a next time.

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