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We had a very nice family celebration and now the kids are playing with their mountain of gifts while the adults relax (and try to think about dinner, while still digesting too much dim sum for lunch). Hoping all of you are enjoying a similar amount of happiness. :)
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Question for parents, grandparents and caregivers: What do you do these days for Halloween?

A little background: When I was a kid, it was the one night of the year when we could go out at night, in the dark. We didn't care that it was cold or usually raining. It was just so exciting to go outside. We lived in a neighborhood where most residents were too young or too old to have kids, but everyone still turned on the porch light on October 31. Often they were overjoyed to see us because we were the only trick-or-treaters they got all night.

But that was before the days of Bowling Alone. Nowadays, I live in the suburbs and hardly anyone is home on Halloween. My husband takes our son out for trick-or-treating but says it isn't much fun for him to knock on doors where nobody answers. I hate the idea of trick-or-treating at a well-lit mall. To me, it's the opposite of what Halloween should be: it's indoors, well-lit, *safe*, and commercial. But it's not my childhood anymore, and perhaps everyone else has moved on.

So what do you do for Halloween?

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