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Yesterday in Marshalls I found two pairs of Merrell barefoot-style shoes at half their regular price: a red pair of Pure Gloves (kind of sporty mary janes) and a fuchsia pair of Serene Gloves (ballet-like slippers, complete with ribbon for the ankles). I'm loving them so far. I adore my Keens but the brand runs too short and wide for me, so I need to wear thick socks to make them work -- fine in the cold months but not good now that it's warm out. The Merrells fit great for someone who likes a lot of room in the toe but has a narrow heel.

Anyone else watching the "Political Animals" miniseries on USA? Jacob Clifton on Television Without Pity wrote a guest recap of the latest episode. The Man and I enjoy some of the show but find other parts hard to take, like every time someone says something to Elaine*cough*Hillary like "all the country saw was your ambition, not how much you care". (*cue violins*) And just to be clear, I voted for Secretary Clinton in the primary; I don't have a problem with her ambition, just with schmaltzy writing. Anyway, as usual Jacob shines a light on the parts of the show that are worth examining:

What they want is a War Between Women so nobody can see what they're doing. If they didn't have you hating your body and your strength and your voice all the time -- if you didn't hear them telling you to quiet down and be less proud and be less angry, right there in your own head -- you'd start a fucking riot. The future would start very fast indeed.

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