Oct. 29th, 2015

jinasphinx: (Sphinx)
Conversation with I had with K a few nights ago after brushing teeth:

K: When I grow up, I am going to change my name to K--- Lollipop. Okay?
Me: Okay, honey. It's your name. You can change it when you grow up.
K: And I am going to be a policewoman.
Me: ...A policewoman named K--- Lollipop?
K: Yes.

Conversation that K had with The Man at swim class*:

K: So, I am a baby monster in the dungeon. And you are the dungeon keeper, okay?
TM: Okay.
K: And, can it be 10 years later now? Because I am going to have a baby.
TM: Okay.
K: I married one of the salamanders. His name is George. We got married in that place -- what is that place where you get married?
TM: The chapel?
K: Yes, we got married in the chapel. On the hill.
TM: What are you talking about? The chapel is right net to the Dark Temple.
K: Oh yeah. I forgot. Anyway, we got married and I am going to have a baby. We had the sex and now I am going to have a baby. But not in here. Not until we get out of the changing room.

*: The kids are fascinated with the game Dungeonkeeper II, which explains at least the salamander part of it. Kind of.

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