Apr. 7th, 2015


Apr. 7th, 2015 06:39 am
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I meant to say in the TV post that I am also enjoying Rob Thomas' foray into the world of a smart, sassy, petite blonde who solves crimes with an African-American male partner when she's not musing about the abrupt loss of her high-status life. With voiceovers.

However, Deadboy and the Elephantmen's "Stop, I'm Already Dead" is not as catchy as the Dandy Warhols' "We Used to Be Friends".
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Interesting trend in software: screening candidates by skill rather than keywords on a resume or ability to BS.

DevDraft: one-day programming challenge events, described on their "about" page as "Many talented people are being overlooked, and many just need a little push to get connected with the right opportunities. This is why we built DevDraft, a platform that organically identifies talent, regardless of their past history."

Starfighter: a company to publish games that will teach and evaluate coding skills, described by @patio11 as "The technology industry structurally excludes many qualified candidates from their hiring funnels and then is shocked when those hiring funnels disproportionately select for candidates who are not structurally excluded. Traditional tech interviews are terrible ways to identify, qualify, and evaluate top programming talent. Filtering by education level or university is unreliable. Keyword searches are applied by people who don’t understand the underlying technology. The tech industry excludes perfectly viable candidates for no reason at all."

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