Apr. 4th, 2015

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Long time, no update. So of course, I am going to blather about TV shows. A lot of stuff has been piling up on the DVR, thanks in part to the new(ish) job, and also to the week in Disneyworld. It's interesting how things separate into three tiers:

  1. "OMG it's recording right now, let's watch it tonight!":

    • "Elementary"

    • "Major Crimes"

    • "Supernatural"

    • "Madam Secretary"

    • "Person of Interest" (which right now is on a streak of introducing a new female kick-ass character every week, which is a not-terrible way of responding to Sarah Shahi getting pregnant -- are you taking notes, Joss Whedon?)*

  2. "We'll watch it when we get around to it":

    • "Vampire Diaries" (lost its luster when we realized Elena will always be a victim, and there just hasn't been enough Caroline airtime to make up for that)

    • "Agents of SHIELD" (the writers' room needs a stronger brand of coffee)

    • "Covert Affairs"

    • "Forever" (watching only because of chemistry between Ioan Gruffud and Judd Hirsch)

  3. "We're deliberately letting this pile up so we can binge-watch it":
    • "The Originals"

Then there were a couple shows we let pile up and eventually gave up on, and deleted all the episodes. We gave up on watching "Sleepy Hollow" after reading [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine's increasingly trainwreck reviews. I will miss the man-out-of-time moments with Ichabod, but that's all. And we weren't big fans of where "The Mentalist" had been going lately, and once we read that two main characters were getting married, we looked at each other and said, "Time to delete."

*: Actually, every first-tier show seems to specialize in kick-ass female charactes with the exception of "Supernatural", which has had a few as recurring guest stars but is, at its heart, all about the bros.

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