Jan. 21st, 2015

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The kids love wintergreen lifesavers, and Nick got one after dinner. Having
had it for a few minutes, he met up in the kitchen with The Man, where he showed that
it was still in your mouth.

"Wow! You've still got that, huh?" The Man asked.
"Yep. Because I don't chew on it. I only suck on it," he declared.
"Oh. Well, that's cool."

With absolute seriousness, he then declared "I let it dissolve in spit,
until it's all gone. Because that's the way I roll."

Kira recently gave The Man a long explanation of the different monsters she has, all in one sentence:

"I have my lava monsters, and my lava monsters sleep in my bones, and when they do that, they don't have their fire going because I use my magic to keep their fire from burning me up, but when they come out, then I let my magic turn their fire back on, and when they come out of me I use my magic to make sure they don't burn me and then basically I use my magic to make sure they set fire to only the things they're supposed to set fire to, so they don't set fire to our house; but I think you're picking up what I am putting down."

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